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Dallas, Texas

In the world of stand up comedy, few performers are more unique than Jeff Dunham. One part ventriloquist, one part comedian, Dunham has formed a very loyal following of fans and he has become one of the most successful stand-ups in the businesses. With roles in movies, three DVDs and talent unlike any other, Dunham has certainly cemented his place in American pop culture.

Though Dunham is immensely successful now, that was not always the case. Although he was acting and performing in the late '80s and early '90s, even earning a nod of approval from Johnny Carson after performing on his show, it would be more than a decade until he got his big break.

In 2003, Dunham was given his first solo appearance on Comedy Central when he was on their series, Comedy Central Presents. The show gave him the first opportunity to display some of his most famous characters including the beloved Jose (the jalapeno on a stick) and the equally popular Melvin the Superhero Guy and Peanut.

Impressed by the positive response, the network gave Dunham his first feature-length special in 2006 when he recorded "Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself." Filmed in Santa Ana, California, the performances introduced a few more of his well-known characters including Walter, a grumpy old man, and Bubba J.

When the special was first aired, it drew more than two million viewers, causing Dunham's star to shine even brighter. Thanks to its success, it would not be long before Dunham was in the conversation with best stand-ups in America, right alongside Lewis Black, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld.

Thank to the success, Dunham was given a second full-length special by Comedy Central. In 2007, the network released "Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity," and much like its predecessor it was met with a very positive reaction. The show featured all of his classic characters and introduced what has become one of his iconic dummies - Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Since then, Dunham has gone on to appear in everything from the comedies Dinner for Schmucks and Delta Farce as well as a guest spot on the NBC comedy 30 Rock. Regardless of what character he's voicing, one thing is for sure: audiences seem to can't get enough of Jeff Dunham.

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